Having Compassion for Your Spouse’s Inabilities

Part of marriage (or any relationship for that matter) is understanding that your spouse is not always going to be running at full capacity. Life hits us each a little differently and usually when one of you is weak, the other is strong. But sometimes both of you will be feeling weak, and that's ok, [...]

Our Children Are Not Responsible For Our Feelings

Our children are not responsible for our feelings. Neither is anyone else for that matter. We create our feelings every single day with our own thoughts. Sometimes we say, "Well, they said ______________ and THAT made me feel ___________________." But in reality, nobody has the power to make us feel anything but us. We get [...]

No Sugar Living! Healing at the Cellular Level!

For much of my life I was addicted to cereal. Since fasting in January I stopped eating breakfast all together and only liquids till lunchtime and my digestion has been so much better. Some days I allow myself a mid-morning snack to break-fast and this no sugar, grain free option has been a good way [...]