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“When I first thought about talking to a life coach I thought…can I really be this vulnerable and honest with another human being in order for this to work? And, can I really commit to putting my needs first as a wife and a mother?  However, as the weeks went by, I realized that it wasn’t about being vulnerable with someone else. It was about being open and vulnerable with myself while having someone alongside me and asking the right questions. Questions that I couldn’t seem to find within myself to ask. This wasn’t just a commitment to put myself first it ended up being the best thing I could have ever done for my family. I have achieved emotional freedom and will forever be changed. Does it mean I’m done learning? No. Does it mean I no longer have to try? No. Does it mean I will no longer have bad days? No. But I now have the tools to bring myself back from those hard places, and those difficult emotions without having to stay there. They are just moments that no longer define who I am or who I will be. The Lord tells me who I am and already has plans for who I will become.”

Mandy, Coaching Client

“Meeting with my life coach, Jenny, over the last three months has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only do I feel truly supported in my journey, but my emotions don’t control me like they used to. I’m so glad to be in an emotionally healthy place.” 

Rachel, Coaching Client

“Jenny is passionate about God’s Word and the truths that lie within, and that passion comes through powerfully when she speaks. Whenever I’m honored to hear her speak, I come away emboldened by the truth and encouraged in my walk with Jesus.”

Sara Pielaet, Founder, Homeschool Moms Rest

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jenny Rieflin in the ministry at our church.  She is a dynamic speaker who passionately shares God’s truths.  Jenny is warm, genuine and authentic, her heart will move you closer to Jesus.  As a person, she has been a role model for others to follow and truly reflects godly character.  I highly recommend Jenny as a speaker and leader.”

Bob Claffey, Senior Pastor, Victory Community Church


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