Bring the JOY back to your mothering!

Did you know that your child’s, teen's, or adult child’s behavior is a result of a feeling they don’t know how to deal with? Just like our actions come from a feeling we are having and a negative thought that is causing that feeling. We may not be able to be in their head to [...]

Motherhood is a Lifelong Journey

Motherhood is a lifelong journey...there will be ups and downs and the downs don't mean you are failing, they mean you are human. It's the challenging seasons that show us how resilient we are and how faithful God is. My coach always says, "This is the part where you GET to be the Mom." Motherhood [...]

Ever feel embarrassed when your child is having a tantrum? What to do…

Do you find yourself getting flushed and embarrassed when your kid is having a tantrum in a public place?  We’ve all been there, Mama! Hang in there! The main reason we feel embarrassed is that we are making it mean something about us! That we must be a bad mom because we can’t control our [...]

Our Children Are Not Responsible For Our Feelings

Our children are not responsible for our feelings. Neither is anyone else for that matter. We create our feelings every single day with our own thoughts. Sometimes we say, "Well, they said ______________ and THAT made me feel ___________________." But in reality, nobody has the power to make us feel anything but us. We get [...]

True Discipline is Done From a Place of Love

True discipline is done from a place of LOVE and not anger. Correction, like a pilot who slightly adjusts to stay on course for the destination, is a positive thing. It helps the child stay in a position to achieve a positive destination. Much of disciplining a toddler is just constant re-directing when they get [...]

Mama declarations to speak over yourself

Mama's in all the care you give each day, don't forget to take care of yourself! Press into Jesus, and the Word, and rest in His goodness. For when you feel weak, that means you qualify for HIS strength! Feed on and declare the Word over your life!  #momlife#momcoach #parentingcoach#lifecoachingforwomen#christianmoms #Christianwomen#rest #declarations #motherhood#emotionalresilience#emotionalwealth #emotionalhealth#parenting #motheringwell #children#Bible #wordofGod #takeabreath#selfcare #speaktheword #prayer#transformedlifecoaching#transformedlifecoach#renewingthemind #faithmindset#faithmindsetcoach

Even God knew when to rest :)

Make lots of opportunities for rest & reset throughout your day, Mama. Because keeping the tiny humans alive is sometimes exhausting. Even God knew when to rest 🙂 Notice I said MAKE, because some days it must be intentional or it just won’t happen. When we push ourselves to keep going, keep cleaning, keep working when we [...]

Happy Wife, Happy Life…Really?

I'm sure you've heard these common phrases, "HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE" & "If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy." But I've been thinking about why such phrases irk me a bit and really seem like a myth. And in all honesty, downright selfish. I'm as guilty as the next wife/mama in times past making everyone in [...]