Are You Challenged By Your Relationship With Your Adult Child?

Have you ever made passive aggressive comments to your adult children when they call or spend time with you about how disappointed you are in how little they call you or spend time with you?  I get it. You’re hurt. You’re sad. You don’t know how you got to this place.  What you crave is [...]

For the Mama navigating a challenging relationship with a child

Are you challenged by your relationship with your child? I think we can all agree that God is the PERFECT parent. He carefully fashioned these two beloved children, giving them the very best of Himself and then placed them in the most beautiful, peaceful, and perfect environment where they could flourish. Every need was fully [...]

Motherhood is a Lifelong Journey

Motherhood is a lifelong journey...there will be ups and downs and the downs don't mean you are failing, they mean you are human. It's the challenging seasons that show us how resilient we are and how faithful God is. My coach always says, "This is the part where you GET to be the Mom." Motherhood [...]