JOY is God’s Powerful Prescription for You!

Ever been at a hard place in your life and felt guilty for momentarily feeling joy and happiness because of this one huge thing you are still grieving? Me, too.

To be honest, some days I’m still there. And you know what? That’s okay.

Grief often comes in waves and when they no longer hit hard enough to knock you off of your feet, there’s still an undercurrent there.

Always in the corner of your heart. In the back of your mind. Trying to tell you, you’re not truly happy.

That you can’t experience TRUE joy until that thing is sorted out. You’re such an imposter!

And you know what I’ve learned? That’s a lie from the pit of hell to keep you bound!

The Bible says that Jesus is acquainted with our sorrows. The closer someone is to your heart, the closer the betrayal cuts.

But Jesus was betrayed by those closest to His heart, too! And He took every bit of it to the cross, His hurt and ours, to set us FREE! To restore our JOY!!

Even when life is not perfect because there will always be something to overcome as long as we are on this earth, we can walk in and experience His joy in the midst of it all!

JOY is His portion for us because the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH! So, take time for more JOY in your life! Marinate in it, guilt-free! It’s God’s POWERFUL PRESCRIPTION for you!

Look for all the ways God fills you with JOY this week. Even the littlest things that bring us joy are a powerful gift from Him to strengthen us. Usually when we are on the watch for them, that’s when we find them. And we can choose to receive His joy even when everything around us shows no evidence of good things. Because it’s a fruit of the Spirit Who dwells in us! That’s why it’s supernatural! Thank Him daily that the JOY of the Lord is your strength and that He’s strengthening you right now. ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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