Mining for Gratitude

Frustrations are usually surface level…it doesn’t take much effort to point them out and to even vent about them to others.

I was extremely frustrated by something going on in my world yesterday. Even vented to my hubby about it and of course because he loves me he assured me that I was justified in my “feelings”.

But the more we focus on the frustrations the more evident they become because our brains are wired to find evidence. Looking for something negative and it will serve up all kinds of corroborated stuff. And then our brains mix together a cocktail of chemicals in our bodies to match the all too familiar yucky frustrated thoughts.

But gratitude will take a little mining. Are you a miner? Be aware that it won’t be easy. Treasure is never out in the open. All the precious things are hidden deep in the earth. The Lord provided us with precious metals and jewels but He didn’t leave them just dangling from a visible tree branch, right? He expects us to put our flesh down and put in some effort we are fully capable of. But, it’s worth the effort because YOU are the one who gets to FEEL all the feels in your body caused by your elevated thoughts!

Can you do some gratitude mining with me today? God doesn’t expect us to be thankful FOR all things but IN all things. Because He knows that’s the key to victory!

Comment below one thing you are grateful for today. Then check how that elevated thought makes you feel inside 🙂 I’ll go first! **I GET TO serve my people today!** ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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