I WILL Give Thanks

Is it possible to be GRATEFUL and DISAPPOINTED at the same time? Is it possible to feel THANKFUL and SAD?

Sure it is. We are complex beings with complex inner workings created by a magnificent God.

On a day like Thanksgiving you may be tempted to feel shame if you are not all exuberant with thanksgiving. And that’s okay, too.

You can trust that God sees you right where you are in your struggle. Just like He saw David, and Joseph, and Moses. He never dismissed their true feelings and He doesn’t dismiss ours either.

But we do see Him encouraging us to SHIFT our focus. Because He knows what we magnify will only grow in our sight.

When the scripture says in Psalm 9:1 “I WILL give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I WILL tell of all Your wonders. I WILL sing praise to Your name, O, Most High.” All of these sentences are acts of our WILL! The Bible says to bring a SACRIFICE of praise! Sometimes thanksgiving and praise is a sacrifice, but He is SO WORTHY and He knows as your spirit man comes into agreement with the TRUTH it will be lifted UP and OUT of despair. It will receive comfort that only He can give.

So, when that relationship is not yet fully mended, we can CHOOSE to thank Him for all the relationships we DO have that are experiencing peace while we continue to THANK and praise Him for working mightily in that one.

While an area of our body is still needing healing, we can CHOOSE to THANK Him for all the vast parts of our body that ARE working well and ARE pain and symptom-free while we continue to THANK Him that healing power ALREADY resides in us, belongs to us, and is working effectually in our bodies RIGHT NOW causing wholeness to manifest.

While we are still believing God to provide for that financial need, we can CHOOSE to continue to THANK Him for all the amazing provision He has ALREADY given us and for the wonderful things we enjoy each day while we continue to THANK Him that He IS supplying ALL of our needs according to HIS riches in glory and that as we have given it SHALL be multiplied back unto us! We WILL have MORE than enough because He’s just that GOOD!

As you CHOOSE to shift your focus today, those elevated thoughts will begin to elevate your mood. Take some time to share with God the many things you are thankful for today and everyday. It will position your heart and mind to receive the great peace He made available to you. You can tap into it at any time! It’s endless! And it’s a choice. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for YOU! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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