Everything God is Ever Going to Do For Me He’s ALREADY Done?!

Everything I need God to do He has already done! Wait! What? How can that be? It’s already done? Yep! Because Jesus cannot and will not go back to the cross. It was finished. Your forgiveness, done. Your redemption, done. Your physical healing, done. Your provision, done. Your peace, done. Your joy, restored. But I’m NOT experiencing all these blessings in my life! What must I do to receive? Believe. That’s it? Yes, if God’s Word says it, I believe it, that settles it! In Mark 11:24, Jesus Himself instructs us to BELIEVE WE RECEIVE when we pray! So, feed your faith on the truth before you pray. Then pray in faith believing it is ALREADY done! That’s faith! The faith life is the best life because that means we no longer have to spend time thinking or worrying about it! If we believe it’s ALREADY done then God knows we can relax, rest in Him, and just enjoy His peace! Isn’t He such a good Father?! 💗🙏💗 ~Be Blessed, Jenny


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