Are you a REACTOR or a CREATOR?

The words REACTOR & CREATOR are made up of the same seven letters!
Stop being a reactor and instead be a creator! You can choose to stop reacting to the things in your life and you can shift into creating exactly what you want for your life. You have that power within you because we are made in the image of a creative God and we have his creative ability on the inside of us. He has given us his word and He has given us our mouths to speak His word and we speak into existence what we want to see FOR our lives and IN our lives. The words reactor and creator are the same seven letters you get to decide to shift them to what you want them to be. To what you want to be to how you want to show up to everything in your life. Do you want to react to the situations, to the relationships, to the circumstances of your life or do you want to be in the driver seat and be the creator of what you want to see? What your dream life can be it’s your choice but it all starts with a shift in your brain. Because the quality of our thoughts equals the quality of our lives! If you don’t like certain aspects of what you are currently experiencing it is a result of the thoughts you have been thinking. And I can help. If you want someone who can not only teach you the tools of modern neuroscience combined with faith in the Word of God, I’d love to help you discover those hidden thoughts and empower you to change your thoughts in line with the Word so you can begin to create a life you have always dreamed of. Hit the Coach with me link and let’s get started today! Let’s be CREATORS together! ~Be blessed, Jenny


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