Having Compassion for Your Spouse’s Inabilities

Part of marriage (or any relationship for that matter) is understanding that your spouse is not always going to be running at full capacity.

Life hits us each a little differently and usually when one of you is weak, the other is strong.

But sometimes both of you will be feeling weak, and that’s ok, too.

We are humans, not robots.

Sometimes the best way to care for one another is just to have compassion for our spouse’s current inability to handle something.

We each deal with the stresses of life uniquely.

Fear will always try to get you to compare which will set you up for shame or blame or pride. This will cause separation of thoughts and hearts.

Love will choose connection above all else and remind you that you are both on the same team and you can get through this together.

Have you told your spouse how grateful you are for them today?

Be Blessed, Jenny

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