Remind Yourself that You’ve Survived!

Sometimes when I’m going through a difficult time, I like to take some deep breaths and remind myself, that I have survived all of my hardest and darkest days. I’m still here.

It’s really a testament of God’s faithfulness and goodness to me! I don’t know where I’d be without Jesus. And the last few years I’ve been blessed to also have the help of a Christian life coach. Life is much easier with God AND a coach. Someone in person who is committed to pointing out your stinkin’ thinkin’ and help you process through all the emotions those thoughts caused and help you choose a higher thought, one in line with God’s Word that will serve you better and empower you to move forward in peace and victory!

That’s the value of having a coach. I will never again be without a godly mentor to help me manage my thought life. Not a close friend or family member who will side with me, because really, that’s their job. It’s so important when going through a crisis to know you have people in your corner. But a coach is someone that I hire, who I’ve invested in. Someone who has expertise and will watch me play the game from the sidelines, who knows the end goal I have in mind and will help guide and tweak me and show me things I can not see so I can achieve my God-given dreams.

I’ve got one-on-one spots opening up starting in January! Christmas has come and gone but it’s not too late to give yourself time with a life coach! The gift of investing in YOURSELF, believing in yourself, that you and God can together create a life that you LOVE living, every single day in 2023! Are you ready? Let’s GO! Hit the Coach with Me tab and let’s get started! I’d love to see you begin living a TRANSFORMED LIFE! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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