Happy 2023! A year of JOY & VICTORY!

If you’re not sensing what I’m sensing, mark my words, this will be a record-setting year! Miracles, signs, and wonders will abound in every arena of MY life and YOURS if you align your mouth with God’s Word. We’ve been through a sifting and a shaking the last three years, but God is setting up the Body of Christ with everything we need for the last days’ revival! How do you think the last great harvest is going to come in? He will partner with His Body, His church, and we will have all the funding and the favor to do everything we are each called to do in our specific sphere. I will be a kingdom entrepreneur and a kingdom funder! I will continue to build up the Body of Christ and fund God’s will in the earth and He will get all the glory! Guard your heart and your mouth and be so close to the Spirit that you hear clearly as He whispers instructions to you every day. It will be a year like no other for the children of God! 2023, a year of JOY & VICTORY! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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