What’s Your Super Power?

There are so many myths about life coaching. Isn’t it just for celebrities and professional athletes or multi-millionaire CEO’s? Do I really need to pay someone to help me with my issues? Truth is you’ve most likely already hired a “coach” and just didn’t realize it. That gym membership with the personal trainer, the algebra tutor for your ninth grader, the piano teacher for your third grader, the golf instructor to help your JV student correct his swing, the class you took to learn how to add social media to your small business…all coaches to help you get to the next level in acheiving your goals. 

Having a coach is simply having a personal mentor come alongside you to help you see where your mind needs renewing. In fact, we can see many examples of this in the Bible. We read about Moses mentoring Joshua, Elijah mentored Elisha, Mordecai mentored Esther, Paul mentored Timothy, and Jesus mentored the twelve disciples. 

As a certified Christian life coach, I can come alongside you and help you to implement a faith mindset. It’s more than just thinking postively, it’s thinking in line with God’s Word! That’s the beginning of accessing the POWER to change your life! Because God’s thoughts are HIGHER than our thoughts, but He’s offering them to us so we can COME ON UP! The faith mindset is just that. When God’s thoughts about our circumstances become OUR thoughts, they will pull us up into more than we ever thought possible! Because the faith life is the best life! It’s how we were created to live! 

If you’re ready to get UNSTUCK and learn some tools to process your emotions while renewing your mind and move into the next level God has in store for you, click the COACH WITH ME button! FREEDOM is just ONE thought away! ~Be Blessed, Jenny 

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