For the Mama navigating a challenging relationship with a child

Are you challenged by your relationship with your child?

I think we can all agree that God is the PERFECT parent. He carefully fashioned these two beloved children, giving them the very best of Himself and then placed them in the most beautiful, peaceful, and perfect environment where they could flourish.

Every need was fully supplied. They were well loved. Well fed. Well cared for. Given the outlet of satisfying employment. Companionship of each other and daily communion with their Father.

And yet, God Himself, still found Himself to be the Father of two prodigal children. Children who were deceived and bought the lie of the enemy. A tiny lie but one that caused dissatisfaction and a disconnect from their Father.

If you find yourself navigating a challenging season with a child, there is hope. Because the Word also says that “Jesus was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” So, God knew this was going to happen and had already made provision for it! Adam and Eve were His crowning creation! He made them after the world and everything in it. He knew they would miss the mark and yet He still gave them the free will to do it.

It brings such peace when we remind ourselves that whatever we are going through with our children, that God ALREADY knew it would be part of our story. He knew what He was doing when he entrusted imperfect little humans to imperfect parents. And He promised to “cause ALL things to work together for our GOOD.”

If it doesn’t yet look GOOD, then He’s not DONE! God doesn’t live in linear, chronological time. He created that concept for our human brains to comprehend time. But He lives OUTSIDE of time! He lives in ETERNAL time!

A situation that seems monumental right now, is only a tiny chapter in comparison to all of eternity we will have together! He sees the beginning from the end! He’s already at the end of the struggle and wants us to come live from that place of peace RIGHT NOW!

Keep surrounding your children with FAITH and LOVE. Unconditional love that has nothing to do with whether or not we agree with their choices, but just to delight in who they are. And faith in His promises and faith in them that they will become all He’s destined them to be! Be Blessed, Jenny

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