Operating from the RENEWED MIND is the highest form of living!

We have two parts of our brain.

A primal part that is programmed for three main things: to avoid pain, to seek pleasure, and to conserve energy.

Once we are followers of Christ, our spirit man is completely made new. We are a new creature. But we must now do the daily work of renewing our minds.

Simply put, renewing the mind is replacing our natural thoughts with God’s HIGHER supernatural thoughts about you.

Aside from our primal brain, God equipped us with our prefrontal cortex, our higher mind, which is the part of us we are working to renew.

That primal brain will always be there, to tell us change is too hard, you should conserve the energy and that new things are not safe.

But now we get to be led by our spirit man, who always sides with God and it is always at odds with our flesh, this earth suit we live in.

This is why in order to experience real peace and freedom we must renew our higher brain so it will join our spirit and thus the actions of our flesh man will be in line with God’s purpose and plan.

It’s doable, but it does take some effort.

This is what I help my clients to achieve as their coach ❤️ I come alongside to help them renew their mind so they can live in REAL FREEDOM! To help them recognize some thoughts that have held them bound for years without even realizing it. And empowering to move into becoming the highest version of themselves and living a life they truly love 💕

The first step to freedom is just asking for help. I’ve been where you are and I’m now on the other side and I can help.

Hit the COACH WITH ME button in my bio and schedule a time when we can chat about how I help women get FREE!

Can’t wait to talk 🙂

Be Blessed, Jenny

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