Why “Law of Attraction” is not for Christians

“Luck”, “lucky girl”, “law of attraction”, and “manifesting” are not for the child of God!

Yes, the world has sometimes tapped into God’s spiritual laws of sowing and reaping and that death and life are in the power of the tongue. And when they speak things out it will come back to them.

But when you declare God’s word, HE is the One Who MANIFESTS any good thing in your life! The Bible says that EVERY GOOD & PERFECT GIFT comes down from the Father of Lights and that the BLESSING of THE LORD MAKETH RICH and He adds NO SORROW to it! He gets ALL the GLORY! Without Him, anything you think you “manifested” on your own will not bring you true joy and peace.

Be careful not to seek after “new age” practices and concepts! You are a NEW CREATION, made for something GREATER! The Word & Spirit is what you need to live your HIGHEST LIFE, one full of TRUE PEACE, JOY, & ABUNDANCE in EVERY ARENA!

You are not lucky, you are BLESSED! Luck gives it no origin that can be traced, BLESSED gives God all the glory!

Be wise, Sis! The enemy would love to get you side-tracked, self-centered, and self-glorified. The “universe” is not looking out for ya, but there is an Almighty God, Who hung the stars for your pleasure and hung on a cross for your peace and every other blessing that is already yours to enjoy! He calls you the apple of His eye, the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, HIGHLY FAVORED, He distinguishes you above others in your field, causes your seed to be given back to you MULTIPLIED, makes you BLESSED coming and going, FULLY SUPPLIED and FULLY FUNDED for EVERY good work! Stick with Jesus, He’ll never disappoint you! Be Blessed, Jenny

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