Bring the JOY back to your mothering!

Did you know that your child’s, teen’s, or adult child’s behavior is a result of a feeling they don’t know how to deal with?

Just like our actions come from a feeling we are having and a negative thought that is causing that feeling.

We may not be able to be in their head to examine what the thought is, and they themselves might not even be able to recognize it yet, but can we have compassion and not take the behavior so personally and understand that they are just like us and sometimes struggle to take their thoughts captive, to process their emotions and be accountable for their actions.

They are more like YOU than you thought.

Are you finding it challenging to understand the actions of your child, teen, or adult children?

Do you want to feel more connected with them like you once did?

Hit the COACH WITH ME button and book a call with me today and I will tell you how I can help YOU bring the JOY back to your mothering!

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