Your Spouse is Not Your Enemy

Ever find yourself in a difficult season in your marriage?

It can be so tempting to see your spouse as your enemy! 

But you must consistently remind yourself of who the real enemy is and remember that you and your spouse are a team against Satan and his schemes of division! 

And more importantly, remind yourself that he is already a DEFEATED foe! 

He is NO match against the power of God that dwells in you as a UNITED team! 

He seeks first to divide and pit you against one another then you end up doing the work of destruction for him!

Remind yourself every day that you are in it to WIN IT, you’re in it for the LONG HAUL and that a difficult season is not your whole story!

It’s just one small chapter and it does not define the whole book!

Sometimes the hardest times can be the GREATEST CATALYSTS for real change and FREEDOM and a life you never knew could be SO SWEET if you let it! 

If you are struggling in a painful season and it seems like there’s no hope, I’ve been there and I CAN HELP! 

What if I told you that your spouse doesn’t have to change in order for YOU to be EMOTIONALLY FREE and to experience true JOY and PEACE?

What if YOU could learn how to process through the emotional stress and anxiety of a difficult season in a healthy way and generate so much LOVE & CONNECTION with not only your spouse but with your children, friends, co-workers, family, and even with your relationship with yourself? 

Click the Coach With Me link set up a call to chat about what it would look like to work together ❤️🙂 Be Blessed, Jenny

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