Curiosity is My New Favorite Emotion!

Curiosity is becoming my new FAVORITE emotion! 

It’s such a mindset SHIFTER because it immediately takes the focus off of YOU & puts it on the other person! Your brain begins to ask questions like, “I wonder what’s going on with them?” And, “I wonder what they must be feeling to make them say that or react in that way?”

This mindset now has the power to DEFLATE offense and SHIFT your brain into a more productive mode of COMPASSION for what may be hidden underneath the surface! 

We know that the Bible says that Jesus was moved with COMPASSION and that made great power available to change lives! 

We could all use more power in our lives to help lift others up and out of their pain, right? 

I challenge you this week, when confronted by someone’s negative words or actions, pause, take a deep breath, and ask yourself to shift into CURIOSITY! 🤍

You will get the benefit of FEELING that emotion in YOUR body and the other person will get the benefit of the GRACE that’s being handed to them, Amen? 🤍

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