Our Ability to Love Others Has Nothing to Do With Them

Did you know that Christ’s ability to love us has nothing to do with us? And because we now have that same kind of love inside of us, our ability to love others has nothing to do with them! This is such good news, friends! It frees others from trying to earn our love by how they think, speak, or act toward us. It has nothing to do with what they do or don’t do, but everything to do with US! Because in order to feel love toward others we only need to think more thoughts of love toward them. Our thoughts are what create the feelings that WE feel in OUR bodies.

Ever heard someone tell you that they think they’ve “fallen out of love” with their spouse? They haven’t, though. They’ve most likely been hurt by something the loved one did or did not do, so they’ve decided to stop thinking loving thoughts about the other person. And thoughts are so powerful because they are what create our feelings. So, is it possible to fall back into love? YES, it is! How? You begin to think loving thoughts about that person the same way you did when you were young. Being young when married is no excuse for how you feel differently now. The feelings you had then were based on your thoughts. When you’ve been hurt, you will have to think loving thoughts on purpose. I’m not saying it’s easy on your flesh. But walking in unconditional love, meaning you choose to love that person regardless of how they think, speak, or act is not normal human love. It is a God-kind of love. It is supernatural and sacrificial. Just like Jesus loves us. I’m here to encourage you that it IS possible and brings the most joy and reward because it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the power of love that resides in YOU!

If you are finding yourself stuck in or out of your love life, I’d love the opportunity to help you gain some awareness of just what is in your control. Because it’s our choice what thoughts we think. You can feel all the love you want and deserve to feel in your life and love others freely while allowing them to be exactly who they are. Click the “Coach with Me” button and let’s get started today! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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