Need A Reboot?

It’s been a busy couple weeks of nanny life. One of my little guys has had an appointment at the house two mornings a week and we were in the car two hours each afternoon for a drop-off/pick-up science camp in the city for my big guy. Carting a toddler and a preschooler means implementing a ninja-nanny-precision-plan for getting out the door on time, loading up all the car supplies, camp supplies, stroller and lifting little chunks in and out of carseats multiple times.

The house has also been filled with construction workers hammering, sawing, sanding, and painting a home renovation that’s been on going since June, so to say it’s been a bit busy is an understatement.

I used to get so stressed out whenever we were forced out of the calm, nurturing routine I’ve created for my littles. Who doesn’t find peace in a little bit of predicability, am I right? But, we all know that life can be unpredictable and me having an adult meltdown is not going to help anyone 😉

Instead, I have worked at keeping a peaceful mindset that will serve all of us and challenged myself to grab little snippets of ways to nurture ME all week. Incorporating as many little “resets” as I can truly helps to restore calm and bank energy for the next task. Things like:

  1. Speaking gratitude as I look at all of this busyness out of my control as an adventure that makes my long days go faster.
  2. Spending a few minutes lying on the floor and doing some stretches to release tension and protect my back from heavy lifting.
  3. Doing some deep, intentionally calming breathing (even if it’s just while sitting in traffic).
  4. Getting outdoors, for a quick nature walk or to sit in the sun for a ten minute break if my little man is napping. In fact, one of my best tricks for a crying baby is to simply take them outside on the deck and walk around, letting them touch the leaves or hear the birds or point at the clouds..babies need lots of resets, too 😉 Enjoying the wonder we see just in our own backyard because God created the whole earth for His children to enjoy and we create a deeper connection with Him when we observe how much He loves us to create something so wonderful for our sustenance and pure enjoyment.
  5. Reminding myself often of my human limitations and that I’m not failing if I can’t always get everything done in a day. It’s okay to say everyone is well-loved, well-fed, and safe, and that’s enough.
  6. To feed myself healthy foods and drink tons of water makes me feel so good.
  7. To reach out to my hubby, my biggest supporter and sounding board, a couple of times each day and to think about our time we get together once I get home ❤
  8. Reading or listening to something encouraging; the Word, worship music, and teaching, to refocus my mind on the right thoughts that will bring the feelings I need and want to feel.
  9. Praying, praising, and talking to God all throughout the day. Talking to Him in English but also praying in other tongues because the Word promises it will build me up when I’m feeling depleted and stir up the peace that resides within me and thanking God that He never leaves me alone.
  10. To remember to be playful and silly and stop and enjoy all the wet kisses, giggles, and snuggles I get each day. It’s all a gift. Every last bit!

What are some things that you like to do to reset? Let me know if any of these help you, too! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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