Even God knew when to rest :)

Make lots of opportunities for rest & reset throughout your day, Mama. Because keeping the tiny humans alive is sometimes exhausting. Even God knew when to rest 🙂 

Notice I said MAKE, because some days it must be intentional or it just won’t happen. 

When we push ourselves to keep going, keep cleaning, keep working when we are already depleted, we set ourselves up for injury, physically & emotionally. 

Even small snippets of rest will refresh your body & soul for the next task at hand. We enjoy any task more when we do it from strength and not exhaustion. 

When we regularly take time for simple joys & wonder, our children will learn to have the same habit when they are grown. 

If nobody’s given you permission to put your feet up, to snuggle your babes close with a good book, or to sip something yummy while watching them explore from afar, I’m sending you permission today, until you give it to yourself 🙂💙

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