Thoughts Are Optional

Did you know that your thoughts are optional? I once heard Candas Jackson say, “I used to think, I had to think, every thought, I thought.” Wow! Do you mean we don’t? That seems too good to be true, right? But it is definitely true.

Whether it’s our brain telling us something it is picking up from our five senses or the enemy feeding us lies, those thoughts are just thoughts and it’s what we choose to do with them once we recognize them that counts.

So often we may not even recognize the thought because it flows so quickly, but we definitely recognize the feelings that are the result. But when the Bible tells us to take every thought captive and to think on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellent, and worthy of praise, then it must be doable.

When feelings come up, big or small, positive or negative, take that as a cue to pause and reflect on where that feeling is coming from. Everything we feel can be traced back to our thought life. And if we are feeling something that does not feel good, be curious about that and take a moment to process it. I know first hand that when we resist a feeling that our body will just absorb it and eventually cause all kinds of havoc. Feelings are not bad, they are simply indicators of our thoughts, good and bad. The important thing is to allow it to flow through and not get stuck in that place. Feelings are a part of how God made us. Just don’t allow yourself to be governed by them. You get to be in control of your feelings. Be Blessed, Jenny

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