God Delights in You!

Sometimes the things we do, the hats we wear, the gifts and talents we possess can seem synonymous with who we are. They may be what we DO, but they are not who we ARE. Because there will be days or even seasons when we do something different than we’ve done before and I know for me that has sometimes left me feeling less than I used to be. That all those “things” add up to the sum total of me and when I’m incapable of performing those “tasks” I am left feeling lost, out of sync, and of little value. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our true identity is only ever found in Christ. Hidden in Him. Wrapped up in Him and all that He is. He has actually shared HIS identity with US when we became one. That means we have limitless value to Him because He saw such value in us that He did the indescribable just to bring us close to Him again. Our value doesn’t lie in what we do, but in the knowledge of the price He paid so willingly, generously, and with pleasure for the Word says in Isaiah 53 that the Lord was pleased to go through what He suffered because He knew He would see His offspring. That’s you and me. He endured because He could see by faith, you and me, on the other side of the cross and we were worth it. I pray that as you start this new week, you get a deeper revelation that no matter what you do or don’t do, your identity is in Christ and you are so valuable to God simply because you are His child. He delights in YOU! Be Blessed, Jenny

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