Create Your Life

Life shouldn’t be just something that happens TO you, but rather something you create with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives IN you! We all have the creative power we need on the inside of us because we ourselves were created in the image of God. We have His creative nature in our DNA! He created EVERYTHING with His thoughts and then His WORDS and we can, too!

So, what are you SAYING about your life? Your words will always reveal your thoughts. You will create this week, this month, this year, from what you are THINKING and SAYING because that creative ability was designed in us by God. He will not force us to create anything in line with His plan. But, if we yield to Him and follow the leading of His Spirit within us we can create an incredible life together! Start dreaming! Use the imagination God equipped you with to dream BIG and then start SAYING what you’re dreaming! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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