Fill Up With The Water Of The Word

Ever try to do the work of getting rid of wrong thoughts? It’s impossible to get all that junk out of your head no matter how much willpower you try to muster up and tell yourself that tomorrow will be different and you’re not going to think about the past and those negative thoughts that you know full well are not serving you. Those thoughts are like a never-ending cycle playing over and over again. The only way to truly get rid of the wrong thoughts is to continually pour in the right thoughts. To keep pouring in the water of the Word until it eventually flushes out all of the junk that has built up over time. Ever try to get coffee or soda residue out of a glass that was left out? It’s easier just to run the faucet until it overflows and eventually all that is left is pure water in the glass. The point is to let the water do the work for you. Let the water of the Word do its perfect work. Keep filling up on the right thoughts. Words that are TRUE, HONORABLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, of GOOD REPORT, anything EXCELLENT, WORTHY of PRAISE! (Philippians 4:8) Speak them out every day no matter how you may feel. Because feelings will eventually be overcome by the truth of the words you declare. Eventually, all the thoughts that are no longer serving you will be washed away by the power of God’s Word! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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