Ever feel SHAME over NOT feeling full of JOY & PEACE?


Remember that God made us overcomers and that means that we WILL have things to OVERCOME, right?


We shouldn’t feel guilt or shame over experiencing sadness, anxiety, or despair as there are plenty of examples in the Word that speak to this.


The key is that God doesn’t want us to stay there longer than we need to.


-Faith doesn’t mean we deny our feelings. We acknowledge what we are feeling and talk to God about it.

-We allow that feeling to process through, not push it down or away, and allow His presence to comfort us.

-Then we renew our minds with what God’s Word says about our situation and we speak it out by faith, believing He is at work in our lives. And we continue in thanksgiving until it comes to pass.

Have you been denying a feeling that keeps coming up? Emotions are the language of our bodies. Thoughts are the language of our minds. We must simply see emotions as an indicator light of what is going on in our minds. It’s showing us something important that we need to address. And that’s ok. It means we are humans and not robots. Even Jesus experienced a full range of emotions. But He not only allowed grief to overtake Him, He rightly went to the Father with His anxiety and allowed God to comfort and strengthen Him. Let’s follow Jesus’ example, Amen? ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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