We DO Faith, BY Faith!

Do faith, By faith

Wherever I let my mind go is what possesses me. My feelings will line up in that direction and then words and eventually, actions will follow feelings. It is the same in the positive or negative direction. It begins with a thought but will eventually be followed by feelings. Sometimes it seems like feelings came out of nowhere, but I guarantee you there were some thoughts that simply passed through undetected. But my spirit, my heart, will always agree with the Word and Spirit if I give it opportunity. Therefore I must discipline my mind with the Word so that my thoughts, words, and actions are in line with truth and that’s what will manifest in my life. Every single day I have a new opportunity to choose life. That’s why it’s important to start your day in truth because things will come at you contrary to that truth and you have that starting point to refer to. You will constantly have the opportunity to choose life. With thoughts, words, and actions. I have to ask myself, is this a thought that I want to manifest? If not, I’ve got to usurp the power it holds. I’ve got to rise up in self-discipline and cast it down! And replace it with what the Word says and then act in accordance with that truth. Faith is an act! It is an act of our will. We keep acting in faith until it is manifest! We DO faith, BY faith, until it is TRUE faith! Only then will we see VICTORY!

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