Worship Releases Faith

worship releases faith

Choosing to worship, especially in the midst of a trial, is one of the greatest acts of faith we can do. In fact, worship is one way we can release our faith. Did you know that you can have faith but not have it working for you because you have failed to release it? We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17), but just having faith is not enough. Our faith must be active if it’s going to work for us and we must put it to work. When we speak the Word, that is releasing our faith in the face of circumstances, but even better is taking some time to declare the Word through times of worship. Just because recently we have not been able to meet for times of corporate worship, doesn’t mean we neglect the tremendous power made available to us in worship. We just need to sometimes get a little creative. If you’re still working outside of your home, turn off the radio during your commute and instead play some worship music, or sing on your own, in English and other tongues and you’ll be amazed at how your focus will begin to shift from your troubles to the One who is Greater than it all and who has made you more than a conqueror! Some of my favorite times with the Lord have been when I’m alone in my car because I have no other distractions and I can feel free to lift my voice and make bold declarations of faith. That release alone is so good for you but it also keeps the switch of faith turned on and the power of God applied to your situation. I challenge you at least once a day this week, whether it’s 5 minutes in the shower, on a walk during your lunch break, or anywhere else you can get alone with God to open your mouth, lift your hands and voice and worship Him for all He has done for you and all He is doing through you because worship releases faith! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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