What We Pour In Will Eventually Come Out

what we pour in

If I’m feeling discouraged or hear words of doubt, unbelief, or frustration in my head or coming out of my mouth, it’s a red flag to me that I’ve not been meditating on the Word as much as I need to. Because what we pour in will eventually come out and when the wrong thing is coming out, it’s a good indication that I am not resting in the truth. I must have a continual inflow of life-filled, faith-filled Word to have an outflow of faith-filled words. And it’s only faith-filled words that can bring change to my situation. We need a consistent diet of the Word of God’s peace, of healing, of love, of provision if we expect to experience those in our lives. In the natural, we cannot consume cake and soda all day long and expect our physical man to be strong. We need a healthy variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, proteins, and water. Likewise, we need a balanced diet of God’s Word as it will keep us strong and ready to stand firm. If we put enough of the Word of God in our hearts (not just our minds) when we are under pressure that will be the first thing to come out and it is powerful enough to drive away from you any discouragement. The Word of truth coming out of our mouths is the weapon we use against any facts that try to come against us. God gave us His Word to uphold His victory! He shares His victory with us!

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