Just One Day!

Just One Day

One day an entire nation had been held in slavery for 400 years, but the next day they were FREE, HEALED, and RICH! One day a young man was enslaved and wrongly imprisoned for 13 years, the next day he was the leader of a nation! One day a man had been lying dead in a tomb for three days, but the next day He rose to life, triumphant, healed, and victorious! No matter what you may be facing don’t stop believing God for your miracle. When it comes to other people in your life, never assume God is done reaching out to someone. Keep pressing in by prayer and intercession. It is His Word spoken by lips of faith that give Him access into their lives. Don’t allow the seen things to distract and discourage you from the unseen work He is doing! Dare to believe and take Him at His Word! He is faithful and it can all turn around in JUST ONE DAY!

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