Rest in His Promises

rest in his promises

Everything that we have need of in this life, the Word says that God has already supplied. He has made provision for our needs of healing, peace, finances, relationships, wisdom, favor, direction, sustenance, and shelter. We have His promises in black and white, so stop waiting on God to do something for you that He already did. Our part is to learn what He’s done by reading the Word, believe it and release our faith for it with our words and actions. We can do that from a place of rest, trusting Him to do His part, which is to just uphold His Word. Keep doing your part. Keep the promises in your mouth! If He said it, be assured, it is moving in your direction!

One thought on “Rest in His Promises

  1. Thank you so much Jenny you always have exactly what I need to hear I think God for you and your precious gift that God has given you!


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