Keep Looking for Surprises

Remember back to when you first met your spouse and everything about them was new and awed you. You were excited to ask them what their hopes and dreams were. We need to keep doing that. They are the one person on the earth that God has granted us to become so intimate with that we should know them better than anybody else and strive to become an expert at knowing them.

I’m generally not one who enjoys surprises. I’m a planner by nature. I like to know exactly what to expect so I can plan accordingly. But when the Lord surprises me with something, it’s the best kind of surprise ever. Lately, the Lord has been showing me things about Chad that I either didn’t know were there or have come forth because of the season we are in. I know these are things that were already in him when we were just a couple of teenagers, but how beautiful to see a person change and grow over the years and get to witness their gifts bursting forth in them; things the Lord has carefully shaped and honed in their hearts and now under the right conditions, bloom.

May we always look upon our spouses in wonder and appreciate those things that they do which are vastly different from what we might choose to do. So many forget that the biggest blessing of marriage is that together, united as a team, is when there is a harmony of giftings. Don’t try to do the things they are gifted to do and do not expect them to likewise do yours. Being surprised by the vast love my husband has for me, his family and others and to watch him operate and flow in what he’s called to do not only makes me love him more, but makes me feel so incredibly loved by My Father, Who put all these things in him knowing that they would be just what I needed! Treasure the prince God gave you! He’s a precious gift to your life! Keep seeking to know new things about your spouse. When you seek, you’ll find. ❤


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