Step Out!

Got a deeper revelation that not only did Jesus do something FOR us, (and that in itself will make me praise Him for all eternity) but that His victory IN us is to EMPOWER us to do something! We only have a short time here. The only dream I want is one that is IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish with my own natural gifts and abilities. I want to ever be standing on the precipice of the cliff of faith and be ready, willing and able to jump when He says, with my only parachute being His grace, His power and His anointing upon me. We’ve been made brand new to never live a mediocre life again. I want to be ever-prodded to move out beyond my comfort zone. The life of faith is not a comfortable one in the sense that it’ll not be challenged. But one that once you’re living it, you won’t be satisfied to not be stretched. Because it’s only when you’re walking by faith that you experience His POWER! #ifIdoitonmyownwhatsthepoint #Hisplanisgreater #dowhatyouwerebornfor #stepout


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