The Wonder of Creation


I went to a park today with my son to hike the nature trails. We arrived just before the peak viewing of the solar eclipse began in our area and saw some people setting up photography equipment in the parking lot. As we did not have safety glasses we continued on to explore the trails and enjoy the coolness of the woods. We were content just to be enjoying the outdoors, spending time together and hunting for treasures amid the mossy trails. For us, the woods have always been one of our favorite places to hike and enjoy God’s amazing creation. The woods are enchanting, with its own unique climate, cool and moist, with its very own symphony of sounds created by the creatures which dwell there.

As we walked and pointed out various finds to each other we passed by an older gentleman who stopped us to inquire if we had viewed the eclipse. When we responded that we had not, he kindly informed us that we are actually able to get a wonderful view from within the woods. That the tiny holes in the canopy of leaves above act like a natural pinhole camera and for the next several minutes the shadows created by the sun would be reflected in a crescent shape instead of the normal round. And sure enough, all around we were surrounded by half moon beams of light. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time. How wonderful of the Lord to put someone on our path to share that with us. While admiring the beauty of the creation on Earth, we got to enjoy a facet of the creation within the heavens.

God’s account of creation in Genesis is so beautifully detailed and perfectly reflects God’s heart. Each day is recorded as the magnificence of His earth and the fullness therein comes to fruition. It’s so cool how He made all of it before man, then man, His ultimate creation, was placed right in the middle of it. The earth and its fullness were given to him to simply enjoy and as he cared for it, to reap all of its benefits. It’s awesome to realize that God’s heart has always been: FAMILY! He longed for children to share His creation with. It’s truly amazing to think that God walked and talked with them the same way we would enjoy spending time with our family. What’s even MORE amazing is that His heart has never changed! He STILL desires to walk and talk with us and gets pleasure from watching us, His children, reign on earth and enjoy all the benefits of His creation. I like to think as we were all so occupied with looking UP today, He was looking DOWN upon us and pleased that every day that passes on Earth we are that much closer to joining Him in heaven to reign for all eternity. 


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