What Delights You?

Many have asked me why I decided to nanny after my own children were grown and the primary reason is that little ones truly delight my soul 🤍 

Yes, the days are long and the responsibilities many, but I’m so grateful for this pouring out of myself 🤍

It is a sacred privilege I do not take lightly to be invited into someone’s home and life and pour into their little ones in their formative years, to declare destiny and greatness and protection over them. 🙏🏻 

0-5 is definitely my sweet spot, and there is nothing that compares to witnessing the pure joy of every new discovery and awakening the wonder of nature that is naturally within every child and that we adults so often let go of once we are grown. 🐝🦋🪲

I get to spend my days adoring their pudgy toes and smiles that wrinkle a nose. Little chubby cherub arms that squeeze me tight and I don’t have the duty of caring for their needs in the night 😘 

I name their newest freckles as they appear. Names like Mortimer or Oscar or Ralph 😉 I want them to know how special and unique they are in this world 🤍

I love them like my own and miss them when I’m home. And mostly I just want them to feel so supported and loved 🤍

Whatever you do for work or for a hobby, do something that DELIGHTS your heart! Even if it’s just a few hours a week. We need more delight in our lives 🤍

Comment below what brings you delight.

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