Stop Living From Less Than!

When we become born-again we are now supernatural beings and we are to be having and living a supernatural experience.

If we continue to only live mindful of our natural self we will be missing out on the supernatural that God has for us, that He’s purposed us for, that He’s destined us for.

He wants to partner with us, and more importantly, He wants us to partner with Him in His plan!

Our natural man is now made supernatural and empowered by a supernatural God.

We need to stop living in the less than, stop operating from a less than mentality. We were created for more! We were created for more than we can imagine because our God is MORE than enough and HE dwells in us!

If we are now one with Jesus, and He is the head and we are the body, where the head goes the body goes! Does your head ever go anywhere separated from your body?

Where Jesus is seated now WE are seated! Every resource that Jesus has access to and everything that He is equipped with WE are equipped with! He sits at the right hand of God but we are still in Him (Ephesians 2:6).

God is now authorizing you to look at your situation from the supernatural! Stop looking at it from what YOU can do, from what YOU can provide, from what YOU can change in the natural. 

Ask yourself what does this situation look like from a position of being redeemed. Because as far as He’s concerned, it is ALREADY done! What would it look like from the place of being remade by God’s power?

I encourage you today, don’t be moved by what you SEE, don’t be moved by what you FEEL. Only be moved by what you BELIEVE! What do you believe God can do and IS DOING today? 

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