You Can Know the Heart of God

Have you ever wondered what God has in store for you or what He thinks about your life? I don’t think God is as mysterious as people claim He is. Sure, there are some things we might not understand this side of heaven, but I don’t think He’s as much a keeper of secrets as He is a Revealer of truth!

The number one way that God has revealed Himself to us is through His written Word and He will never ever violate it. So, if we see it in the Word, we can take Him at His word, Amen?

If we ever want to know what God CAN and WILL do for us, we only need to study what Jesus DID. Because Jesus was God’s exact representation on the earth. This is why it’s vital to be in the Word, learning what Jesus did. It will cause our faith to ignite for what He is still willing and able to do for us, because in Acts 10 Peter said by the Holy Spirit that God is NO respecter of persons.

What are you needing from God this week? Healing? Provision? Peace? Comfort? Wisdom? Go to His Word and find out what Jesus had to say about any of these things and you’ll have sure footing to stand on before Him. Just like you would with anyone else in your life, bring His Words before Him and say, Thank You, Lord that You said_______________ concerning my life and I thank You that I can trust Your Word. I believe You when You said________________ and I can rest and rejoice right now knowing that You are faithful to Your Word, in Jesus’ name, Amen! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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