Back to School Declarations for Kids

-God has a GOOD plan for me & my future is BRIGHT! (Jer. 29:11)

-I learn QUICKLY & EASILY! (Dan. 1:17)

-I am increasing in WISDOM & FAVOR! (LUKE 2:52)

-Angels are around me & I am SAFE! (Psalm 91:10,11)

-I am HEALTHY, WHOLE, & STRONG! (Matt. 8:17)

-The Holy Spirit NEVER leaves me! I am NEVER alone! (Heb.13:5b)

-I can do ALL things through Christ Who STRENGTHENS me! (Phil. 1:13)

-I have PERFECT PEACE because Jesus gave me HIS peace! (John 14:27)

Print these out and put them in a place where you and your children can meditate on and confess these truths daily! Take time to fill your children up with the Word of God so they can enjoy peace and joy every single day! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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