Craving Connection?

I’m the kind of person who feels deep connections with others. Even if it’s just for a season, I feel a sense of loss when I don’t keep in touch with everyone I’ve ever met. From my first-grade best friend to all the coworkers I’ve known throughout the years, to the girl I just met and chatted with outside Aldi last month. I know, it doesn’t seem like a very realistic expectation does it?

I think we are wired for connection. I’ve always been the nostalgic, sentimental type. I sincerely want to feel connected to others that I’ll often text people in my life just to let them know I’m thinking about them. And guess what? Sometimes they don’t respond. I used to think all kinds of thoughts about that lack of response. Thoughts like, Are they mad at me? Did I do something to upset them? Or Why aren’t we close anymore? And the list goes on.

I’ve also realized that I’m the one who gets to feel sad and yucky inside while that other person may not even be trying to intentionally hurt me. Maybe they are just busy. Maybe they thought they responded, like I, myself, have done many times. Maybe it’s not THEIR favorite way to communicate or feel a connection.

Maybe instead I could have the thought that when I reach out, it’s just MY way of thinking loving thoughts toward them and hoping that they are having a great day. It’s MY opportunity to pour into them with prayer and gratitude for being a part of their life. I don’t need them to respond to feel something because just MY thoughts of love toward them will cause my brain to create a wonderful cocktail of emotions and loving feelings that I get to feel in MY body and heart. And that’s a beautiful gift from God to ME!

Craving connection? Who can you reach out to this week in your life to help you feel more connected to them? ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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