Don’t Quit!

If God only gave us ears and not a mouth, we could hear the Word, and faith could come, but it could not be activated because we do not have a mouth to activate it. Faith has to be in our hearts and coming out of our mouths to be active. It’s not enough just to believe. We must give our verbal agreement. In Mark 5 Jairus had verbalized to Jesus exactly what he was believing for. That Jesus would come to his house, lay His hands on his dying daughter and she would live. While en route the news came that his daughter had passed and why trouble the Teacher anymore. But Jesus’ response was “do not be afraid, only believe”. Jesus knew Jairus had to continue to keep faith in both places. Whatever you may be facing this week, keep hearing the Word of God’s promise over that situation and keep speaking it out of your mouth. Don’t quit! Keep speaking! It shall come to pass! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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