Laugh At The Devil!

People give the devil far too much credit. He’s not the “bad god” and God is the good God. No. The devil is a created being. Far lower in power than God. In fact, he’s already been stripped of power, and authority over him has been given to the children of God, although many are ignorant of it. He is not all-knowing like God. He does not know all your thoughts. Rather, he sets his demons about to observe what people do and say. He doesn’t know everything about God’s plans. In fact, he influenced men to kill all the Hebrew baby boys more than once in an attempt to take out the promised Messiah. And Jesus willingly laid down His own life and even then the Bible says had the devil known he never would have crucified the Lord of Glory. For in Jesus’ death was OUR victory and resurrection as well! The devil is a liar and called the father of lies, but when it stings the most is when there’s a bit of truth to what he whispers to you. But know this, it’s not his place to bring it up! It’s none of his business! So, you command him and his thoughts to go right back to hell where they belong! In fact, when he tries to bully you, it would do you good to picture the enemy as the spineless, toothless, worthless, hunched over, pathetic being that he truly is. Then laugh out loud in his ugly face! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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