Mothering Well

Anything that takes the place of God is a potential idol in our life. If raising kids who seem perfect and make all the right choices gives us pride in our mothering…that is an idol. Our faith should not be in our children’s ability to do everything right, but in the ability of the mighty Holy Spirit who lives in them! Through Christ, they are OVERCOMERS! It should not bring pride in our mothering when they do right nor shame when they miss the mark. Do not allow a spirit of pride, shame, fear, or strife to have a place in your home. Training up a child in the way they should go is simply being an example. An example of a person of faith and love. Like on the job training when you shadow someone and follow them for a time before you are trusted to do the tasks yourself. So, keep being a good example, Mamas! They are watching you lead! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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