Healthy Meditation


Often we think of meditation in terms of “positive thinking”, but the actual word in the Bible that is translated in English as “meditate” really means “to mutter”. So meditation has to do more with our TALKING than it does with our THINKING; but if we are not thinking right, we won’t be talking right. Because ultimately whatever we allow ourselves to think on will eventually start coming out of our mouth and the words of our mouth have the power to affect our lives, positively and negatively. The safest way to know if we are engaging in healthy meditation is to filter all our thoughts through God’s Word. If God wouldn’t think and say it about us, then we have no right thinking or saying it about ourselves. Take some time to ask yourself all throughout your day, “Is what I’m thinking and saying about my situation in line with God’s Word?” If not, make the adjustment and allow God to move in your situation by speaking HIS Word, because that’s a word He can definitely bring to pass!

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