Two Things We Must Know

two things we must know

The two most important things someone can know are 1. What the Word says about God and 2. What He says and thinks about YOU. When we only take the opinions of others or try to base our faith upon what we may have been taught about God, rather than looking to the Word to see exactly what it says about Him, we will not have a firm foundation for our faith and our prayer life will be ineffective. If we don’t know that the Word says He is the Lord our Healer, then we won’t have confidence in believing Him for our healing. If we don’t know that the Word says He is our Provider, then we won’t be able to trust Him when we are in need of supply. If we don’t know that the Word says that we are more than conquerors and that we always triumph through Christ who dwells in us, then we will accept a life of mediocrity, far below the victorious life that Jesus made ours. Spend some time this week feeding on scriptures that tell you who God is and who YOU are in Him. It will change how you think, act, and pray.

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