How to Pray For Others For Revelation

pray for revelation

You cannot force people to do the Word, nor can you reach out and lay hold of things by faith for them. It’s sad and frustrating at times but people need to get a revelation of the truth for themselves that will propel them to action. But you can love and pray for them. If they are a believer, pray the prayers that Paul prayed by the Spirit in Ephesians chapters 1 & 3. Insert their name in it, making it personal, that God would “give _________ a spirit of wisdom and REVELATION in the knowledge of Him.” If they haven’t yet received Christ, then continue to be a light in their dark world and also pray as Jesus said, that “laborers would be sent into the harvest” field of their life. That people who they can receive from are sent along their path. That the blinders would be removed from their eyes and their heart would be awakened unto God as He draws their heart toward Him. This is why the enemy fights against revelation. Because revelation of the truth will always propel people to act!

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