Don’t Believe Any Words More Than God’s Words

Don't Believe any words more than God's Word

Living on this earth means that there will be plenty of situations that arise that try to get you to change what you believe. In the face of every situation, we are to ask ourselves, “what does God say about this?”. That’s why it’s so important to know what the Word of God says. It’s our firm foundation in any and every storm of life. Our faith is simply what we believe. We believe we are healed when we are experiencing no outward symptoms, in fact, symptoms come for one reason, to get you to change what you believe. So, when symptoms and reports come that are contrary to what we believe, it shouldn’t change what we believe. We don’t need to pray in agreement for a good report, we already have a good report that says, “By Jesus’ stripes we were healed”, and if we WERE healed, then we ARE healed. Keep believing, speaking, and acting on that truth until the body comes in line with it. Isn’t it wonderful that God gives us something better to do with our thought life than to worry? We can be at peace, rejoicing in the knowledge that His power is working mightily in our situation and no matter what words we hear, inwardly, or outwardly, we don’t have to believe any words more than we believe God’s Words.

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