Your Miracle is in Your Mouth

your miracle is in your mouth

Did you know that your miracle in is YOUR mouth? In this life, we will HAVE what we SAY. If you don’t like what you’re currently “having” then you might need to change what you are “saying”. God’s Word is the answer for any and every situation we will ever face. It might take some effort, but dig into the Bible and find what His Word promises about your situation and then begin speaking that. All day long thoughts will come against your mind about that thing that you want to change, it’s a perfect time to speak out loud what God’s Word says about it because it gives you the right thing to say AND it gives God the access to MOVE in your life and situation. Everything God does or creates is always first by saying and He needs us to do our saying, too. We’re always saying something, it might as well be something that keeps our faith active and the promises moving toward our lives. What are you saying today? #Mark11twentythree #speaklife #speakthewordofGod

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