Do the Impossible With God!

Do the impossible with God

It would be so much easier to be asked to do something you know you are good at, something you’ve trained for or have even already done before. And while people may see the gifts and talents in you and may ask you to do something that requires your known skill, God usually asks of us something that requires our FAITH. Something that cannot be done apart from Him! In Romans 4 it talks about how God told Abraham he would be a father at an age where it would be UNDENIABLY God to bring it to pass. Abraham was now close to one hundred years old and Sarah, just as old, could not even conceive children when she was a young woman. God may ask you to do something when it doesn’t seem like the opportune time, when you may not have everything you feel necessary to fulfill it. But He’s only asking for you to obey so that He can do the work THROUGH you! For it will bring Him glory when it’s undeniable to everyone, including you, that He was with you and empowered you every step of the way! One of the attributes of the Holy Spirit is that He is a Helper (John 14:16 AMP), so get up each day and call Him the Helper and He will help you to do the impossible!


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