Set Free for His Divine Will

we are free to serve

We’ve been set free not to be able to do our own thing, but for His divine will for our lives! That’s thrilling! God isn’t scrambling now that you’ve been made new, to find a plan and a purpose for your life. The plan has always been there just waiting on you to activate it by your faith in believing in Him and receiving Him. We don’t have to try any longer to come up with our own plan that will bring us success or fulfillment. Stepping into our righteousness, or right-standing with God puts His perfect plan in motion. All we need to do is dedicate every day to conform to that plan in thought, purpose, and action and we will be more fulfilled than we ever dreamed possible! Because there’s nothing better than being in God’s perfect will and doing the thing you were born for! Pray this with me today: Father, I thank you for the incredible plan that you already designed for my life, one that is filled with passion for serving Your purpose. Lead me deeper into the knowledge of it by Your Spirit every day and give me the courage to step out and dedicate myself to conform to Your divine will in my thoughts, in my purpose, and my actions, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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